Network & Communication Infrastructure Management

Network & Communication Infrastructure Management

Mid Florida Technological Institute’s Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Network and Communications Infrastructure Management degree provides a comprehensive program of study, designed to prepare graduates for entry-level positions in data operations and infrastructure planning environments. Network systems and data communications analysis pertains to the planning, designing, testing, implementation, and evaluation of network and data communications systems. Students are provided a hands-on collaborative learning curriculum based on industry led criteria. The program fosters the acquisition of systems-thinking and research skills necessary within a dynamic technical environment.

We will provide students with a comprehensive background in Network Systems and Data Communications procedures and techniques.

Our instructors show students how to properly conduct research for recommending network and data communications hardware and software solutions.

Students will build the skill sets to analyze, design, test, and evaluate network systems.

We can assist graduates in obtaining entry-level positions in Network Systems and Data Communications Analysis and related fields.

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