Computer Science

Master - Computer Science

In this fast-paced, technology-driven world, computer science professionals are critical to ensuring the continuation and growth of technological innovation. The needs of the industry are evolving and the demand for professionals with expertise in developing assured and optimized systems is only growing.

Mid Florida Technological Institute’s Master of Applied Science in Computer Science program takes a unique approach to educating computer science professionals.

We prepare students to solve complex technological challenges, understand data structures, information and its manipulations, and immediately apply what they learn to their career.

With a curriculum built on theory, fundamentals, and application, students will gain advanced knowledge in critical areas, such as:

  • Security and assurance
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Computer architecture
  • Advanced programming

To learn how you can empower your future with a Master of Applied Sciences in Computer Science degree from the Mid Florida Technological Institute, request more information.

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