The mission of Mid Florida Technological Institute is to foster student learning through high-quality, career-oriented education with a solid foundation in technology. The Institute delivers practitioner-oriented undergraduate and graduate programs to meet the needs of a diverse student population.

Mid Florida Technological Institute’s College of Computer and Information Sciences offers diverse degree programs focused on innovation and practical application to help students begin their careers or prepare for professional positions with greater responsibility and reward. Programs and courses include intensive lab assignments employing the latest equipment and technologies, are taught by faculty with real-world experience, and provide individual and team-based learning experiences.

Mid Florida Technological Institute seeks to consistently achieve the following objectives:

  • Offer applications-oriented undergraduate education that includes a well-designed liberal arts and sciences component to broaden student learning and strengthen long-term personal and career potential.
  • Offer practitioner-oriented graduate education that focuses on the applied concepts and skills required for success in a global economy.
  • Provide market-driven curricula developed, tested, and continually improved by faculty and administrators through regular outcomes assessment and external consultation with business leaders and other educators.
  • Continually examine the evolving needs of students and employers for career-oriented higher education programs as a basis for development of additional programs.
  • Promote teaching excellence through comprehensive faculty training and professional development opportunities.
  • Provide an interactive and collaborative educational environment that strengthens learning, provides credentialing opportunities, and Contributes to lifelong educational and professional growth.
  • Provide student services that contribute to academic success, personal development, and career potential.
  • Serve student and employer needs by offering effective career entry and career development services.